LangChain + OpenAI API to generate SQL queries and Result

I have been using LangChain + OpenAI API in python to convert natural language text into SQL queries and results. However, it always throws an error if the SQL table is large.

I have been following SQL Chain example — 🦜🔗 LangChain 0.0.150 article for above purpose but always throw token limit 4096 issues. Even when I ask count total customers, it still throws an error. There are around 5k customers in my table , it should not be loading them all of them in background but not sure why it throws token limit error.

db_chain = SQLDatabaseChain(llm=llm, database=db, verbose=True)“How many customers are there?”)

Any idea what can be done to avoid this? Will pinecone be helpful in this scenario? if so can someone provide an article for the same. I have multiple large databases and I am making connection dynamically based on user login.

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I tried to connect snowflake and facing the same problem

I think it tries to load your entire database schema which exceeds the token limit. Here a couple of ways to work around it

  • Specify the relevant tables you want to load in your chain where most of your queries would come from
  • Use the SQLSequentialDatabaseChain which determines which tables to use based on the query. You may still get the token limit errors if the selected table schemas exceed the token limit
  • Finally, you can reduce the default number of examples during the database connection from 3. This should reduce the tokens asd well.

These workarounds helped me stay within the token limits.

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Sorry , I am just seeing your replies. I have around 150+ tables and each table has around 100+ columns. When I say only query on customer table, it seems to be working fine but when I say to it, how many invoices generated for xyz customer and specify to use the invoice table as well, it seems to be having token limit issue. I am not even passing a sample row to the request. Maybe its the limitation and nothing more can be done on this it seems. Maybe GPT4 API having 32K token limit might be useful for these kind of scenarios.

Okay. Have you tried using an agent for this task? I find that agents are able to query the relevant tables on their own with some good prompt engineering.

Can you share how you’re loading the database/tables into the chain? Perhaps, I can guide from there. I suspect it doing the database load properly may help you get some queries at least.


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db = SQLDatabase.from_uri(“mssql+pymssql://user1:******@.\SQLEXPRESS/mytestdb”,include_tables=[‘Contact’,‘Customer’],sample_rows_in_table_info=0)
llm = OpenAI(temperature=0.0, max_tokens=350)
chain = SQLDatabaseSequentialChain.from_llm(llm, db, verbose=True,top_k = 1)“How many contact records created for customer kevin”)

This model’s maximum context length is 4097 tokens, however you requested 5368 tokens (5018 in your prompt; 350 for the completion). Please reduce your prompt; or completion length.

Hi. Could you please provide any reference links on how to use the SQLSequentialDatabaseChain? I am unable to find a guide on how to use it.
Moreover, if I am using a relational database, will I need to specify all the tables that are expected to be involved in the SQL query using INNER JOINs?

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How did you format your Snowflake URI?

I have my issue on calling the database it is throwing auth error and giving an empty messae how are you taking the data for input And how are you providing the api key are you setting any environment

Where you able to get a solution on your problem?
Since I have a similar problem atm which I’m trying to get a solution

Where you able to get a solution on your problem?
Since I have a similar problem which I’m trying to get a solution
how to chunk the database as per the token limits or response willl be chunk …
iam try ing the many ways not get the results …
if you find the solution or not ?
are you also stuck this issue