Kindly give an option to merge context of 2 or more chats

Sometimes, I split my query into 2 individual chats that need to me merged together. Like especially while taking help with debugging. So there should be an option to merge context from 2 chats instead of telling the whole story again in other chat.


This is actually a useful feature, I have a group of chats with the same context that need to be merged. and now I am always thinking about which chat to use from these chats that belong to the same context.


I’m also waiting for this feature! I think over time there will be more such requests.


Agree, this would be useful as I didn’t realize that threads were a better way to use the chat initially

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This would be very useful for users, but also for training AI that may not realize the connections between contexts. You could exact a price that users must briefly explain the connection to achieve the merger.


Yes I also would find this functionality very useful


Same here. I would propose a solution where you can choose two chats at a time, when pressing “merge” it creates a new chat. The second chat you chose in the merging process will be put under the text of the first in this new chat.
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I agree. It would streamline the professional-usage experience.

Has there been a solution for this? Thank you.

yea i came looking for the same thing, hope to see it soon however i mostly ask chatgpt to summarize the whole chat in a comprehensive manner to be given to the second chat to understand the context as i work with stories and characters. it works to some extent…

This is definitely a must-have feature! Please support this feature so that we can benefit and build more structured chats. Thanks

Yes please. :pray: I didn’t learn about previous conversations / chats until recently and I have many duplicated subjects which I would love to merge. Thank you.