Kiko: English2SQL translator API

Hello GPT3 community!

Over the past several months, I’ve been working on Kiko, a English2SQL translator API. The API is simple and fast. It takes in (1) the dataset’s schema and (2) the plain-english question, and returns a SQL statement that can be run against a database.

I created a python client built on top of the Kiko API, and the results are awesome. Simply pass in your dataframe and plain-english question, and it spits back up the answer in 1-2 seconds. You can check out a demo of it here:

I’m still waiting on OpenAI’s approval before I can give out beta access (hopefully soon!). I would love to hear your thoughts & constructive criticism about Kiko! Feel free to comment me here or on Twitter.

Oh, that’s just a username I use for my social media lol

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