Jobs are not easily replaced by AI

Jobs are not easily replaced by AI?
What skills should a new college student studying?
What AI can do for accounting and tax services?


We can save many hours with OpenAI API. Such an imense boost in productivity! We have many examples in openai cookbook,, among others.

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In my opinion, AI, particularly language models, excel at providing accurate answers when fragments of the correct answer exist within their vast training data.

When we ask AI to do something, if the training data contains enough fragments related to the query, the AI can piece together those fragments to generate an answer. It is similar to repeatedly copying and pasting pieces to form a response.

However, AI is not smart enough to derive answers based solely on logical reasoning for things not included in its training data.

This suggests something important for college students to consider.

If students are only cramming a lot of knowledge, the jobs that use this kind of acquired knowledge might be replaced by AI in the future.

AI significantly lacks the ability to generate original ideas and creativity that fall outside the bounds of existing knowledge, which is something humans excel at.
I believe this will continue to be a weakness for AI in the future.

So, instead of merely focusing on memorizing large amounts of information, I recommend choosing to work in areas where critical thinking and solving problems by thinking independently are valued.


critical thinking and solving problems can done by AGI

Thinking about people being replaced is the wrong idea. The issue is people being displaced.

AI doesn’t have to do your job—it just needs to make it so that two people can do the job of three.

It doesn’t need to matter your job obsolete—it just needs to make it so that many more people are able to do your job.

The net result is more people competing for fewer jobs and huge wage-depression.


I think we’re quite far away from this though, in reality the world simply needs more people doing more stuff.

Just imagine how much mind-numbing data entry takes place in businesses because they can’t afford the time or money to have code written to automate it.

In my opinion the best jobs to be in are ones that actually add value to the world directly, such as collision repair technicians or doctors.

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I prefer not to muddy the discussion with unscientific terms when talking about what college students should study in the future.

For example, it can be defined as something that can do “critical thinking” or “solve problems,” etc., which can be interpreted in countless ways and only makes sense when one assumes a bunch of unnecessary premises. Additionally, I believe that disregarding cultural diversity in such discussions is unproductive.

Only humans can find value in something, and as long as humans are the ones who assign that value, the essence and importance of human work will not disappear. Keeping this in mind, I hope to see a discussion that considers how AI could be utilized and offers guidance to the OP’s question.

Not invited: future predictions based on unrealistic assumptions or fear-mongering demagogues who claim that AI will evolve and impoverish humanity.

Any job that involves a screen and keyboard is easily replaced by AI today.
Ignore the threat of AGI, focus on not using a keyboard.

Don’t believe it? Try this: Tell the AI the course curriculum and ask it to emulate an expert in the field, as if you graduated.

Some options are:

  • Do something physical that requires hands or location: Surgeon, Carpenter, Nurse, Surveyor, Dancer … ask GPT.
  • Learn to instruct and coach: You’ll be good at instructing AIs.

This seems like a good answer initially … but AI is now going multimodal. Meaning voice and vision is now coming into AI as well. Consider GPT4o omni which sees, listens and talks back with emotions. So, it’s not just keyboard, its the mic, camera, speaker and keyboard.


Great Question about which jobs a college students should worry about.

I think knowledge will soon be a voice command away. Consider multimodal AI that is coming into GPT4o Omni. It speaks with emotions and has vision. So now zoom out a bit. Everything related to calculations, knowledge, text, vision, sound, video will be easily done by AI. So you can use AI to do a lot now and pretty soon when you come out of college AI will be able to do much much more.

I think one of the basic skills which will stand out is knowing and having good English. such that you can use the right words while texting AI or while speaking to AI. I think English speaking and English comprehension and good english is a must have skill. Although lol we are right now talking in english but in case you are not from a 100% english speaking country then consider enrolling into english courses to be able to talk to AI better and to be able to use AI better.

My 2 cents.