JavaAI - Lightweight Java library to interact with the OpenAI API

Hey all devs. :wave:

My name is Artem and I have developed a library for interaction in OpenAI API.

It was in January 2023 at that time it was my personal project, which I didn’t share with anyone before, but I didn’t hide it either.

Now I noticed that people were giving it stars on GitHub and decided that it could be really useful, and it was time to introduce it to the community.

A bit about JavaAI:

  • It’s small, as the only dependency it has is org.json.json.
  • It supports working with GPT, DALL-E and TTS, with plans to add Whisper support.
  • One more thing, it has detailed documentation and I made that banner myself, hah.

I hope you find it useful, I would also welcome feedback from you. :slightly_smiling_face: