“It’s Not Possible for Me to Feel or Be Creepy”: An Interview with ChatGPT

GPT-3 (TD3) Summary of article from the New Yorker

Andrew Marantz interviewed ChatGPT, an artificial-intelligence chatbot developed by OpenAI. Marantz used the bot to entertain his children on a long car ride, and was impressed by its ability to quickly generate stories tailored to their interests.

The author talks about the potential of the technology and the implications of OpenAI’s decision to become a for-profit company. He then interviews the bot itself, discussing its use of personal pronouns and its understanding of animism.

The article concludes by summarizing the implications of the A.I. revolution and the potential for OpenAI to have a transformative impact on the global economy. Overall, the article highlights the potential of OpenAI’s technology, while also raising important questions about its implications and the need for governance and oversight.