Issues with OpenAI API Version 1.3.9 - OpenAIError Not Defined and Migration Challenges

Hello, I’m currently working on a project using the OpenAI API and have encountered some challenges with the migration to version 1.3.9. Specifically, I’m facing a NameError as it appears that OpenAIError is not defined. Below is the error message and a snippet of my code for context:

Error Message:

NameError: name 'OpenAIError' is not defined

This error occurs in the context of handling exceptions in my Flask application, where I’m trying to catch errors from the OpenAI API. Here’s the relevant part of my code:

Relevant Code Snippet:

def handle_request(data, handler):
        return jsonify(handler(data))
    except OpenAIError as e:
        log_error(handler.__name__, e)
        return jsonify({'error': 'An error occurred with the OpenAI service'}), 500
    except Exception as e:
        log_error(handler.__name__, e)
        return jsonify({'error': 'An error occurred while processing your request'}), 500

Additionally, I received a notification about the OpenAI API no longer supporting openai.Completion in versions >=1.0.0, and I’m currently using version 1.3.9. While I understand that I can migrate my codebase or pin it to an older version, I’m looking for guidance on how best to handle these changes, especially regarding the OpenAIError.

I’d greatly appreciate any insights or advice on how to address these issues, particularly:

  1. How to properly handle exceptions for the OpenAI API in the newer version.
  2. Best practices for migrating to the new API interface while ensuring minimal disruption to existing code.

Thank you in advance for your assistance!