Issues with Hexadecimal Color Code Extraction


I’m a stylist and developer, deeply engaged with how technology intersects with fashion. Just last week, I was experimenting with ChatGPT4 to pull hexadecimal color codes from color palette images, and it was spot-on — truly promising for my line of work.

But here’s the twist: trying the same process now yields totally off-the-mark results. Take black, for instance. Instead of the deep #000000 we all know, I got #ced5dd from the tool.

It’s a puzzler — and throws a wrench in using this tech reliably for my designs. Has anyone else hit this snag? Any workarounds or fixes would be golden. Looking forward to your thoughts!

Below each topic you should see


Have you looked at those?

While you note the problem specifically for colors it is common to find such topics/replies appearing almost daily.

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The AI of ChatGPT Plus has two tools it might call upon, and you might need to be familiar with the abilities and look at the “thinking” to see which was used before to yield success:

  • computer vision: can analyze the contents of image providing description;
  • data analysis with code: can write python programs to work on data files.

Exact instructions yields exact results


The exact value of this page’s element is #1a7f64, the code averaged the bottom ten pixel rows.

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Hello! Thanks for the feedback! I’ll definitely pay closer attention next time. :blush: