Issue with GPT-4 completely losing context. Using PHP- HELP!


A week ago I got GPT-4 access and plugged in a prompt string that I’ve been using for 3.5 for a website bot into the playground. 4 was markedly better. The amazing part was that it maintained the context of the conversation where as a user, I could ask a question, get a nice response, then say “tell me more” or “add another 5 bullet points” and it knew the conversation topic and kept going.

When I switched my bot to GPT-4, it completely lost context. After it gives an answer, it has no idea what it said prior.

What am I missing?

Is there a parameter that needs to be passed in the API?

Thank you!

Could you share some more information about your problem… Like what function call are you using or what prompt are you working with ?

Also, were you working with 3.5-turbo-16k before ?

@ udm17

Thank you for your response. After lots of debugging, it turned out to be a PHP error due to code deprecation in the web app portion and NOT an issue with GPT-4. So GPT-4’s good name is untarnished.

(I still wish it was much faster though)

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