Is there anyway to add two lines of conversation starter similar to ChatGPT starter page

I’ve been exploring the capabilities of ChatGPT and am particularly interested in customizing the user experience. Specifically, I’m curious about the possibility of adding custom conversation starters, similar to those on the ChatGPT starter page.



I believe you can achieve your objective by utilizing a custom GPT model.

Is there anyway to do it like default ChatGPT

Two lines, bold and light colors etc.

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This is unclear, ChatGPT is like a function, you give it input (your prompt) and returns text, what you see in the default chat landing page is put there in HTML or something in the front end, you don’t need to send tokens to the the API to say hello when a user opens the page, chatGPT does not do that.

Your reference was a bit unclear to me.
In the context of OpenAI’s platform, the feature you’re referring to is known as ‘Conversation Starters.’ The method I know to personalize these starters is through the creation of a custom GPT model.

This approach allows you to tailor the conversation’s initiation to any specific topic or style you prefer.

Please note that the examples I provided earlier were intended merely as illustrations of this capability, not as fixed templates.

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Let me be more clear.

I know I can add conversation starters in configuration page. I wanted to add like chatgpt first page. In two lines and with bold and light colors. Is there any way to do it?

Screenshot 2023-11-24 at 18.31.17


If I’m interpreting it correctly, @barisozcelik is inquiring about the possibility of creating Conversation Starters not only on the start page but also after the user interaction. To elaborate, suppose two Conversation Starters have already been added to the configuration for the user to select and respond. Is there a way to display the same or different Conversation Starters in a button format that has a similar design after the user responds? I, too, am interested in this. Any ideas?

Oh, you are asking how to give your conversation starters colors maybe.

Hi @acrobat and welcome to the Developer Forum!

I think @barisozcelik was talking about only the first message. Either way I don’t think it’s possible to have buttons like the “Conversation Starters” after the first message has been sent. Also I don’t think it’s possible to style the “Conversation Starters”.

I am talking about my little experience with Custom GPTs, I can be wrong.

Very well. Thanks for your reply @HenriqueMelo.

Is there a way to do this by now? I’ve been looking into the same, and I can’t find any documentation on how to achieve this.