Is there a way to beyond the maximum tokens in the playground?

Or will an API let you use as many tokens as you want?

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Not at this time.

Some (for chat apps) are using GPT-3 to “summarize” the back-text when it gets too long.

What are you trying to accomplish?

One use is to have GPT to ingest customer utterances from a chat bot to then ask it how to summarize then into specific intents. We have very large stores of utterances (200k+) … so obviously running into basic limitations to sample down those … would be nice to avoid the limits or at least increase them.

I would probably suggest fine-tuning a model. Use the chat history as the prompt and write out the summaries…

As I understand it, the limitation is mostly compute/hardware at this point. I imagine the limitations will be eased as technology improves. For now, though, fine-tuning might be able to help you…

Unlimited length summarization using AI

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