Is there a way for role="tool" message not to yield a model response?


is there a way to respond to a tool_call (function type) using message role=“tool” so that model doesn’t respond to it?
I see that every tool_call must be responded with it’s id, so it can’t be ignored. In some particular cases I want to add certain data to a chat context without a model to react in any way.


The chat context should be a structure (list, array, map, etc.) you handle in your application, then you can send the parts you want when and if are ready

thx, but my question was more about submitting a {"role"="tool", ... } message using Chat completion API without model to react to it. If that’s possible as I see model always generating an assistant message as a response. I want to prevent that.

Ok, so you generate a role=“tool” with no response, what advantage has that given you?

but what for? why would you send a message to the API if you don’t need a reply? that is what I am trying to explain, that the conversation can be a list of messages in your app, and you add messages to that list, when the list has everything you need then you send it.

Have a look at this thread

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Maybe the app code the tool calls generates the response deterministically. In which case you can just spoof the response by creating the object with the role=tool and the content your deterministic text.