Is there a tutorial for creating a recommendation engine?

Hi all;

When I first needed to learn Blazor, I found a class on Pluralsight that walked me through the entire process, showing the code for each step of the way. It was about 4 hours long and at the end of it I understood how to create a Blazor app - in detail.

I now need to write a recommendation engine, in C# using the appropriate Azure service (which I assume call down to OpenAI). I know less about this than I did Blazor when starting that class (as I had written ASP.NET MVC apps in the past). I’ve written no code using AI/ML services.

So my question is - is there an instructional class somewhere, for developers with no AI/ML experience, that will walk me through in detail, including the appropriate code and how to feed it the existing data for training? I’m happy to pay for it if there’s a charge. Using the appropriate Azure AI services and in C#.

thanks - dave


Here is an example from the OpenAI cookbook that you can use to understand the underlying methods and technologies for the particular use-case of building a recommendation system:

It’s not a perfect match according to your requirements but it’s a great start.

Hope this helps.



I have searched for online courses about recommendation systems but couldn’t find any that specifically explain it using C#. However, Python is often used in the field of ML. So, it might be a good idea to look for courses that meet your needs among these courses on Udemy:"recommendation"


@vb & @dignity_for_all thanks you for the links. Unfortunately none of them use the Azure AI services for this. I can use a Python example (prefer C#) if it uses Azure for the heavy lifting. But if it uses other libraries, then I’m missing what I think is the biggest lack of knowledge I have - how to use the Azure services.

With that said, I think your answers are very helpful for anyone who will use Python libraries to build a recommendation engine. So great posts.

thanks - dave


HI, Dav,

We are in process to prepare such document which can help you learn it with C# and ASPNET. We are well versed with Azure Open AI and built models using C# ASPNET.

If you have specific questions please reach to me at TechAvidus - I would be happy help.

Hey @david28 ,

I’d recommend doing a google search on collaborative filtering and content filtering.

These are the OG recommendation models.

These 2 are examples that came up in a quick search for me:

Happy coding friend.

these are very helpful - thanks