Is there a roadmap for OpenAI Assistants?

Is there a roadmap for OpenAI Assistants?
Feature list with estimated dates will help
For example - will reranking be supported?


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There is no clearly defined roadmap. However, as part of the Assistants documentation, OpenAI has highlighted a few limitations and indicated that they are working to overcome them, which should give you somewhat of an idea what is in the pipeline.

Known Limitations

We have a few known limitations we’re working on adding support for in the coming months:

  1. Support for deterministic pre-search filtering using custom metadata.
  2. Support for parsing images within documents (including images of charts, graphs, tables etc.)
  3. Support for retrievals over structured file formats (like csv or jsonl).
  4. Better support for summarization — the tool today is optimized for search queries.


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