Is it possible to use both 'retrieval' and 'function' with Assistant?

assistant = client.beta.assistants.create(
instructions=“You are a Knowledge-bot. Use your knowledge to make best respond.”,
tools=[{“type”: “retrieval”, “function”: function}],

If i want to use both retrieval and function calling, is it possible?

I tried “type”: “retrieval, function”, but it occurred error.

And then i tried the way i wrote above, but during debugging, assistant doesn’t seem to use both, but acts like ‘retrieval’ only.

Perhaps I’ve missed something and assistant worked perfectly? or Assistant API doesn’t support multi-tools yet?

(Sorry for bad english…)

tools=[{“type”: “retrieval”}, {“type”: "function"}],

Thanks a lot! I miswrote the reply and deleted it…

Take my best appreciation please :slight_smile:

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