Is it possible to show total token usage for an API key?

Hi, I am currently trying to show the total API key usage in an app but how do I do this (also, Im using the API in Bubble).

Is this even possible or is it just possible to count the tokens for each API call?

Here is the announcement of features recently introduced:

New ways to understand API usage and manage API keys

We are launching two platform improvements to give developers both more visibility into their usage and control over API keys.

First, developers can now assign permissions to API keys from the API keys page. For example, a key could be assigned read-only access to power an internal tracking dashboard, or restricted to only access certain endpoints.

Second, the usage dashboard and usage export function now expose metrics on an API key level after turning on tracking. This makes it simple to view usage on a per feature, team, product, or project level, simply by having separate API keys for each.