Is it possible to openai for editing the files?

I have set of instructions to changes in particular files or on particular line. Some text will we add to it and then we upload the content on the server or to the website. Now I wanted to automate it using AI,

I wanted to train Model using openAi which I will use set of instructions data.
When I upload the file to trained ai it will need to change the text accordingly to instructions I used to train.

Mostly I saw that openai will only help to QnA.

Is it possible using Open Ai API’s and How??

Hi there and welcome to the Forum!

I am not sure yet that I fully grasp the scope of what you would like OpenAI’s models to do, so apologies if my answer is not fully addressing your question.

You can certainly use a model to make amendments to a given text input in line with instructions that you provide. Fine-tuned models are a good option for that, however you may also use zero or few-shot prompting techniques to achieve the same. It is of course important to bear in mind that there are limitations on the volume on output that the model will return, which is set to 4K tokens. So if you have a long file / text that requires changes throughout, you will need to split it into a smaller pieces. Likewise, the model will not be able to update the actual file. For these ancillary steps, i.e. splitting a document or text into smaller chunks, updating the file with the amended text etc., you’d need separate steps.

I hope this helps a bit for clarification.