Is it possible to fine-tune a model using openai-php?

Hi all, I could not find this addressed anywhere…

Is it possible to fine-tune a model using openai-php?

Essentially, store the training and prediction data in a mysql database, then train and test on that data using php/openai-php…


Which specific library are you using? openai-php/client has file upload and fine-tuning options

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Thank you!


I was hoping to do it from a select of the data (row by row) from the database rather than from a file upload. Any thoughts on that?

Fine-tuning requires a JSONL file be uploaded to OpenAI. No way around that. You’ll have to select all the data and transform it to the JSONL format and send that to OpenAI.

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Thanks. I was kinda thinking that might be the only way but hoped otherwise. I appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions.

You can fine-tune OpenAI models without writing a single line of code.
I have built an app that allows you to do so, but currently, it is open to only limited users.
Do you want to try it?

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Turbo. Thanks for the offer. I am kinda into building my own with code.

Can you please share, I would love to check it out.