Is it possible to connect to a custom GPT model through an HTTP request?

Is it possible to connect to GPTs through an HTTP request in my applications, or is it necessary to train my own GPT model for this purpose? I am interested in understanding whether I can use an existing custom GPT model as an endpoint.

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There’s good news and there’s bad news:


  • the second bad news is that assistants kinda suck a little though, but they’re working on it :laughing: - but they’re useable depending on your use case
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I’m hoping it’s a feature in the works as might be hinted at by this commit:

…that was subsequently reverted:

It’s also possible that was a different feature altogether, is the feature but was intended to be internal-only or private preview only, or it isn’t a feature at all.

But that first commit was exciting for awhile there before it was reverted. :slight_smile: