Is it ok to consider a GPT same as a chatbot but an advanced one?

Chatbots are relatively old . GPT are new

So is it ok to consider a GPT same as a chatbot but an advanced one?

Chatbot is a useful term to distinguish an AI model being fed a conversation history and trained to act as a persona or entity from those uses of the similar or same model that performs automated production tasks using the language generation intelligence.

The AI that says it is a “me” is just an illusion of prompting and training.

GPT-4o just said in the screenshot that a swiss army knife can chat.


The current difference between AI and chatbots…
A chatbot always tends to draw conclusions, while AI is something equipped with intelligence.

Whether you call GPT an AI is up to you, but I wonder how many times it will draw reaching conclusions and summarize in a single chat.

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GPTs are not just advanced chatbots, but a new generation of conversational AI. While they share similarities with chatbots, GPTs have capabilities that go beyond:

  • Longer, coherent texts

  • Open-ended conversations

  • Context understanding

  • Language adaptation

GPTs represent a significant advancement in natural language processing and generation.