Is gpt4 turbo preview now slower than gpt 4?


After the release of the gpt4 turbo preview model, it performed 2-3 times faster than the gpt4 model, which is a gamechanger.

However, today I notice that it actually generates ~same amount of text ~2-3 times slower than the gpt4 model… 16s vs 8s, 8s vs 3s.

I have not checked this in the past days, but maybe anyone else noticed it too and has any thoughts on this, if it’s temporary, when we might get the previous performance back, or maybe there’ve been any news about the more stable model soon?



Report for 2 trials of gpt-4:

  • total response time.Min:012.489 Max:020.243 Avg:016.366
  • latency (s)…Min:000.869 Max:001.646 Avg:001.257
  • response tokens…Min:256.000 Max:256.000 Avg:256.000
  • total rate…Min:012.646 Max:020.499 Avg:016.572
  • stream rate…Min:013.712 Max:021.945 Avg:017.828

Report for 2 trials of gpt-4-1106-preview:

  • total response time.Min:018.822 Max:026.294 Avg:022.558
  • latency (s)…Min:001.001 Max:001.241 Avg:001.121
  • response tokens…Min:256.000 Max:256.000 Avg:256.000
  • total rate…Min:009.736 Max:013.601 Avg:011.669
  • stream rate…Min:010.082 Max:014.504 Avg:012.293

All signs point to yes.

I got one GPT-4 that was continuously faster than the other, both calls faster than fastest ‘preview’. ‘preview’ has an odd bursty staccato to its token output.

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‘preview’ has an odd bursty staccato to its token output.

I have noticed this too, same with GPT-4 in the ChatGPT web interface.

I thought it was just caused by my internet connection.


I have experienced the same too. Response time of gpt-4 and ‘preview’ makes no difference.