Is function calling need a real function?

I’ve used function calling both for a non-exists function (I use it to determine the output I want). And a function calling where I declared the actual function that runs an external API.

I’d like to know this is really the intention of function calling. Which can be used for both or only use one of them?

This helps me a lot watch this on youtube.

OpenAI Function Calling - FULL Beginner Tutorial

Creator: Dave Ebbelaar

thanks chrsigelosulit!, will watch it!

Here are my conclusions so far:

  • No, we don’t need the actual function. We use function calling only to return a specific format/key so that we can use this further. It’s up to use to use this data on an actual function (either “local” function or connecting it to an external API)

Here is another relevant resource: Connect OpenAI with external APIs with Function calling