Is anyone getting the full tokens with GPT 4, or are you being throttled too?

I’m paying for Plus, $20 a month.
I want to use GPT4, but its giving me the token limit for GPT3!

I’m pasting in 3,000 words of text and its giving me the "submission too long " error.

About 5% of the time I get the “real” GPT4… I even was able to give it a URL to read… a couple of times only.

Anyone else still experiencing this token limit throttling?

Only 5% of the time I can submit more than 3,000 words per prompt.
95% of the time its throttling me to GPT3 level token limit.

Yes, I copied a URL there a few times and GPT4 read it entirely. But thats very rare. Most of the time it says it can’t read URLs.

I applied for GPT4 API but am on waiting list for 2 weeks now.

I do pay for Plus, but there’s no way I can get an API key through Plus is there?

The URL thing, it did actually read me code there and provide an accurate summary without any history.

Also the rolling token limit: this error appears at my first prompt at the start of the day.

Are you getting the GPT4 full 8k token allowance?

(If I submit the code in 3k chunks, actually GPT4 is not great at remembering a lot of chunked-down prompts)

But, if you have a 8K token limit (GPT-4), how can you be near the limit when you submit 4K tokens of text in the prompt? Are the full 8K GPT-4 tokens available on ChatGPT?