Introducing AI-Dapter, an adapter for grounding LLMs with real-time data

I’m excited to introduce AI-Dapter, my open-source project to simplify the integration of LLMs into your full-stack application development projects!

See published NPM Package for full documentation. Search for “ai-dapter” on npmjs.
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visit the homepage at and see the working demo!

I invite you to join the AI-Dapter community and share your feedback and experiences with this innovative framework. Together, we can shape the future of LLM-powered applications! :handshake::speech_balloon:

Key Features:

AI-Dapter accelerates the LLM-based application development process for developers, allowing them to focus only on the application while offloading the burden of following activities to LLM:

  • Identifying the right API endpoints from a pre-defined API repository.
  • Acquiring real-time data from the identified API endpoints.
  • Generating a response using the LLM model of choice.
  • Building context-aware Chat Applications.