Internet Browsing for Fine Tuning API

Hello, I want to enable internet browsing for fine tuned API models.

Example:- I am training a data set, but for some outputs I also want real time data to be present in the output, for which I think internet browsing capability would be good to have.

How can I use that into the fine tuned models? Also, I dont have access to GPT-4 fine tuned model. Any way I can access or can that be accessed via GPT 3.5?

Any help would be appreciated.

The API doesn’t provide any service for internet browsing or for any other internet access originating from OpenAI.

You would need to provide what you envision for internet search or web page browsing by the AI model’s function-calling, which is the AI emitting functions to your own code, which then calls upon external services, like Bing API search.