Interface Issues: Is Anyone Else Experiencing Problems?

I’m having problems with the chatgpt interface, see how it is:
Does this problem happen to anyone else? I remove the cokkie and open it on the edge and it’s the same thing, is it an error? or they think it got even better, I don’t!

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I experienced similar UI artifacts shortly before realizing my OpenAI account was deactivated.

@academico.unibtadigi I have been experiencing the exact same issue for over a week. I have tried multiple browsers, disabling cache, and logging in and out, this UI issue has continued to be present. I did not experience this issue before I subscribed to ChatGPT Plus.

Will add in in references to similar issues below

I read a suggestion here, it looks like the long email is pushing the layout.

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Thankfully it looks like with the latest UI update where saved chats are now group into time windows, long email address pushing out the side panel elements is no longer and issue