Interesting finding about new ChatGPT API, it session and token usage

  1. Thanks OpenAI for releasing this great product, and great affordability.
  2. Many user has question about conversation session, session ID, chat history…
  3. I am learning how to tune ChatGPT AI for specialized purpose , such as (AMA session, customer service)
  4. Currently Openai 3.5-turbo (chatgpt API) not allowed to fine-tuning

Here is my interesting finding :

You can see the 2,3,4 API call, the Token Total is NOT equal to Prompt + Completion.
( Because for every user entered Prompt, I have “inserted” my context for this conversation (about 2874 characters )

But, it seem the repeating context I inserted, Do not factor in final count of Total Token.

i will test if input large amount of context, and carry forwant the context in every user prompt ( in same browser session )
How will it affect the token calculation.

further study, the compare the completion with “actual response from ChatGPT”
it completion already included the “context”

because the 700+ completion token seem too high for the actual response itself.

Sorry for my mistake in 1st post.