Integrate open ai in flutter

im try add open ai in flutter project
i have this error all time

Exception has occurred.
OpenAIRateLimitError (status code :429 message :{message: null, code: null, type: null}

[OpenAI] error code: 429, message :This exception was thrown because the response has a status code of 429 and RequestOptions.validateStatus was configured to throw for this status code.

any help


That’s a rate limit error.

Check your usage to see if you are exceeding limits and if there are sufficient funds added to your account.

im not use anything just test code

im not use any thing just test code
or this service not give any free limit need money before any use

They did previously a year or so ago, but so many people took advantage (likely) that they’ve taken it away as more than enough people are willing to pay.

i think is give 5 $ free but not working with me

If it’s an old account it’s likely expired. Just need to add $5 or so yourself.

thanks for help
do you know anything about pricing because it’s not clear for me
i have flutter app and i want add chat gpt in my app
do you know the pricing i just use text or just integrate chat box for my customer

Too many variables to say. Depends on model, history/context you’re sending, etc. Best to set it up and do a few test chats to see the cost…