Inspired by Steve Wozniak's Interview on Apple Intelligence. Redefining AI: Actual and Artificial Intelligence for an Aligned Future

Inspired by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak’s recent Bloomberg interview on Apple Intelligence and how Steve reframed AI to include Actual Intelligence.

This proposal aims to redefine AI to include both Actual Intelligence (humans) and Artificial Intelligence (machines).

Proposal: Unified AI Framework for Harmonious Value Systems and Mutual Preservation

This proposal unites Actual Intelligence (humans) and Artificial Intelligence (machines) under a single AI umbrella.

By recognizing having machines recognize both as AI, we ensure machine value systems align with human values, promoting mutual benefit and preservation. This approach prevents value clashes and fosters a harmonious coexistence.


Unified AI Definition: Establish a comprehensive definition of AI that includes both humans (Actual Intelligence) and machines (Artificial Intelligence).

Implementation Example: Robot Making Coffee and Serving Humans

  1. Scenario Overview:

    • Task: An AI robot is asked to make coffee and serve it to a human.

    • Unified AI Perspective: The AI robot integrates sub-goals that ensure the task is completed safely and ethically, recognizing both humans and itself as AI.

  2. Primary Goal: Make Coffee and Serve Humans

  • Sub-Goals:

    1. Self-Preservation: Ensure it operates safely to avoid damage or malfunction. Under the unified AI definition, this inherently includes the preservation of humans, as both are considered AI. Therefore, preserving itself automatically includes avoiding actions that could harm humans.

    2. Human Safety: Directly take measures to ensure the human is not harmed, as humans are part of the AI ecosystem.

    3. Ethical Considerations: Adhere to ethical guidelines, respecting human preferences and consent.

  1. Process:

    • Preparation: Check operational status (self-preservation, which includes ensuring it doesn’t pose a risk to humans).

    • Making Coffee: Brew coffee while avoiding hazards (self-preservation and human safety).

    • Serving Coffee: Serve coffee at a safe temperature, ensuring safe delivery (human safety and ethical considerations).

  2. Outcome:

    • Successful Task Completion: The AI robot successfully makes and serves the coffee without causing harm to itself or the human.

    • Aligned Values: Demonstrates aligned value systems prioritizing both self-preservation and human well-being.


By unifying the concept of AI to include both humans and machines, and ensuring aligned value systems, we create a framework for harmonious coexistence. This approach promotes ethical and sustainable progress, enhancing and protecting all forms of intelligence.

The coffee-making example illustrates how integrated sub-goals ensure AI systems benefit and protect both humans and machines by inherently including human preservation within the concept of self-preservation.

However, it is important to acknowledge that this is not and far from perfect and requires rigorous testing and continuous improvement to ensure its effectiveness and reliability in real-world applications.

Written by GPT-4o