INFO: Retrying request / ERROR: Connection error

Hello yesterday I was trying to deploy an app on user machine for which we have setup the system variable for the OpenAI key like so OPENAI_API_KEY and then the key, it’s getting recognize by the app because the app has check if it has such env setup, but when we run the app we got as log:

INFO - retrying request to /chat/completions in xxx seconds
INFO - retrying request to /chat/completions in xxx seconds
ERROR: Connection error.

I’ve tried the app on different machine with the same setup same key and it’s working.

Does anyone have an idea what it could be.

Would be funny if the situation involves a managed device that sits in a corporate vpn that blocks traffic to openai :laughing:

can you launch a curl request with that api key from that device?

The device is actually connected to VPN, but my device is also connected to the same VPN and don’t have problem with the app.

we manage to fix that it was something weird happening with the system environment which do not make much sense, but it’s working now… :smiley:

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