Increasing the maximum number of files that can be attached to an assistant

I would love to index our help center in the assistants api! But sadly I am unable to do so as we have >20 articles and the max number of files we can attach to a given assistant is 20.

If you don’t mind me asking, what are you trying to upload? Could you combine the files together or selectively upload them based on the conversation?

Nothing too crazy, just a few hundred small text files. Combining isn’t difficult, but our pipeline would be much cleaner if we could have distinct files per help center article.

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FYI, I’ve found that combining documents can lead to errors in the RAG. I’m not sure if there is some metadata being added to the chunks when they move them into the vector store, or how it works, but I find much better performance when relevant content is separated into its own file. Might be application specific.

Bummer! Another reason I would really love to be able to separate these per article.

Uploading files is just an option so you don’t have to store them yourself. If you have more than 20 files that you need to upload, it’s a better to set up a function call/action to retrieve these from your own database when needed. This way you can have as many files as you want :hugs:

Oo excellent call! It seems like your suggestion is:

  1. Expose an endpoint to run indexed searches against our help center that return the top K documents (our content is indexed in elastic so this is easy)
  2. Add an action connecting that endpoint into our assistant

I’ll play around with this and report back on the thread how it goes.

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That is exactly what I’m suggesting my friend!

Remember to add some authentication if you don’t want to expose your data to the rest of the world :laughing: