Incorrect parameter validation in PUT operations in the GPT action

The Open API schema validator in the GPT action incorrectly validates parameters in PUT operations.

It returns error messages about parameter duplication, while the schema is correct (parameters should be defined first in the path and then in the ‘parameters’ branch of the PUT operation).

The error concerns only PUT operations.

Also seeing this issue (“id is duplicated; skipping”) for PUT and PATCH operations. From what I can tell, something as simple as this triggers it:

      operationId: objects_update
      - name: id
        in: path
          type: string
        required: true
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FYI we are getting the same false error regardless of method (example POST method below), funny thing is it actually does NOT skip it and it works as you can seen the screenshot - Only way to get rid of error is to remove the parameter; I’m guessing it is assuming if the parameter is in the path as in /xx/{required_param1}/yyy , their backend is adding that parameter as required automatically/in run-time therefore thinks is duplicate - in fact if you remove the parameter the error goes away and the action still works - Seems like a annoying defect.