Incorrect Output Format in ChatGPT's Google Scholar Query Response (or Sudden change in chatgpt usual "prompt" for deploying code)

Revised Feedback(by chatgpt):

We encountered a bug while using ChatGPT to retrieve information about university publications in Google Scholar. The initial request was for a python code to query and plot data using, however, the response was not in the expected code format. Instead, the comments in the functions were interpreted as section titles and the actual code as plain text paragraphs in an article format. It took multiple attempts to correct the format, and we suspect that the repeated use of terms related to “article” or “publishing” may have caused the incorrect output format.

We were conducting general research about chemical engineering and machine learning, and the conversation eventually led to a request for code to aid in our research. The label for the chat window was “Chemical Engineering Research Edge,” as the initial question was about what was considered the “edge” of Chemical Engineering research.