Incorrect count of 'r' characters in the word "strawberry“

Bug Report


The AI incorrectly states that the word “strawberry” contains only two ‘r’ characters, despite the user querying multiple times for confirmation.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Ask the AI how many ‘r’ characters are in the word “strawberry.”
  2. Observe the AI’s response stating there are two ‘r’ characters.
  3. Reconfirm by asking the AI again.
  4. Notice that the AI consistently states there are two ‘r’ characters.

Expected Result:
The AI should correctly count and state that there are three ‘r’ characters in the word “strawberry.”

Actual Result:
The AI incorrectly confirms that there are two ‘r’ characters in the word “strawberry.”

The correct spelling of “strawberry” is: s-t-r-a-w-b-e-r-r-y, which indeed has three ‘r’ characters.

Severity: Medium


  • AI Model: ChatGPT based on GPT-4 architecture
  • Platform: ChatGPT iOS app

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Looks like OpenAI owes you a million dollars :rofl:

This was an issue a while ago when using models like <3.5

It’s… Beautiful to see it pop up again. Both 4 and 4o fail this.

The reason this happens is the tokenization process of the semantics destroys the meaning of each individual letter by sometimes combining them.

Nice catch

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Can you write a python program to count how many 'r’s in ‘strrawberries’, execute it and provide the answer?

The word “strrawberries” contains 4 'r’s


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I was able to replicate this just a moment ago and it can be fixed by adding one line:


I tried something similar to “verify with code” and it’s kinda amazing