Inconsistent run failures when image associated with thread is deleted

I have noticed that a run fails with

  "last_error": {
    "code": "invalid_image",
    "message": "Invalid image."

if the image which was associated with the thread in some previous run is deleted.

But this failure is not consistent as the same thread starts working properly after some time.

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I think this issue is related to image then you should try that to solve the problem.
Error Code: “invalid_image” indicates a problem with an image associated with a thread.
Inconsistent Failure: The error occurs when the image is deleted, but the issue resolves itself after some time.
This suggests potential caching issues. The system might be trying to access a cached version of the deleted image, causing the initial failure. The delayed success could be due to the cache eventually refreshing with the absence of the image.

I wont be surprised if OpenAI is using its models to read our posts and make code changes. Since there is a fix for this issue already live within the last hour!

the last_error.message which was “Invalid image” has now changed to
“Failed to fetch image file: file-xjDn4rC5hjUqGgyehb0rK6gt. Check if the file has been deleted.”.