Incomplete search results (ignored documents)

Hello, I don’t know if I’m in the correct forum for my question, but if I’m wrong, can you please move my topic.

I am creating a FAQ about procedures using GPT4 and Embeddings 2, when uploading my documents they are being divided into 3 pages and when I ask a question the response returns disregards the other documents.

For example:
If I have a procedure with 10 steps it only returns 8, as the other 2 were in “another broken document”, but if I go through the prompt for them to inform all the steps, then yes it informs, but it is not correct because who will asking doesn’t know that.

Can anyone help me with how I can make the search run on more documents? I have already configured the returned document parameters to 5, I am using the Azure platform and Playground for testing.


Welcome to the community!

Can you clarify what you’re talking about? It sounds like this is an issue with a specifc framework, rather than an openai issue.