Improve the interface of ChatGPT

As a developer, i have a long, long conversations with GPTs, in many cases it deviate form the main topic, and start to have a lot of side conversations that might affect the context of the conversation and thus the answers i get, it would be great to see an index to the questions of each conversation, allowing to jump to a pervious questions, and maybe delete some of the questions, search and filter for the selected conversation.
Another improvement i’d like to see, is the ability to see the number of questions next to the conversation title, and allow multiple select to help clean up.
one last wish, in a general chat [not with a GPT] be able to extend one conversation to a new one, with the context and the knowledge learned inherited from the first one.

I will also suggest another improvement, and here is an example where it is needed. sometimes, ChatGPT will respond with multiple code snippets, and then i would want to respond to part of its response by a sub conversation about a certain snippets with the ability to go back to the main answer and continue from there. That will minimize the distraction in long conversation.