Improve Chat Usability: Expandable Windows and Drafts!

Hello OpenAI Team and Community,

Ever found yourself struggling with the chat input box being too small for longer messages? Or maybe you’ve wished you could save a draft and come back to it later? I think we can make ChatGPT more user-friendly with a few simple enhancements:

  1. Expandable Chat Window: Have you ever tried to compose a long message only to feel cramped by the small input box? Being able to expand the chat window would make writing and reviewing detailed responses so much easier.

  2. Save Draft Prompt: How many times have you started typing a complex query or response but had to step away, only to lose your progress? The ability to save draft prompts within the chat interface would be a game-changer, allowing us to pause and continue our work later without losing any of our thoughts.

These features would significantly enhance the usability of the chat interface. Anyone else think these changes would make a big difference in their ChatGPT experience?