Image Uploading API Suggestions for GPT-4


I made a post a few days ago with my suggestions for Whisper to accept bucket URLs rather than uploading audio data directly from my server. I’d ideally like for the same to be done for the (future) GPT-4 Image Uploading API

Could the team who are developing the GPT-4 Image Uploading API please make it accept both File and URL parameters :slight_smile:



I thought the api wouldn’t accept images yet, no?

The API does not accept images yet. But when it does (ideally) I’d like to have this feature added which wasn’t available for Whisper.

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It has security implications though, not sure if they would do it.

I’ve seen a few APIs that take URLs (e.g. Google vision) but not very common.

There are no inherent security implications in anything, I have faith that if they can build the best software of the century, they can handle URLs for their API!

No doubt they will if they decide.

I just observed that not many APIs that process images accept URLs as input (e.g. AWS Rekognition), even when they are accepted it is not considered best practice:
This is google vision caution.