Image generation terrible

WHT a great tool… it’s not at all tedious to generate a prompt with 3.5, switch over to 4.0 to get the image wrong as hell… I even had to tell it that a room has walls once! But can you switch back to 3.5, so as not to burn messages in 4.0? Of course not! You’re stuck in 4.0, to waste another 10-20 massages creating THE SAME DAMN PROMPT to generate a completely different image, and burn another group of massages. The innane details it jams in for no reason is ridiculous!

“Generate a prompt of a dungeon greathall”
Generating image.

It sounds like you are trying too hard generating text that perhaps is of little value.

My single attempt with an image prompt I wrote myself:

… Congrats? Not really a dungeon though, I’d expect more rock and rubble. Cages and whatnot.

High-five though, nice call out.

Yes, with only two words of intention to work with, I have no direction to improve your vision. Let’s see if even simpler goes better:

“prompt”: “style: fantasy RPG illustration. subject: interior of a dungeon great hall, carved out of the rock with crude stone chairs and tables, lit by torch fixtures.”

You’re only complaining to fellow users on this forum. There are those that might like to help if approached with friendly demeanor.

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Still… Not a dungeon! Its like I’m talking to GPT.

Can I get this closed? This guy is ridiculous.

Are you talking a medieval dungeon not “Dungeons and Dragons” dungeon? That could be part of the problem as the words are the same but different meaning.