I'm having trouble with the official version support of azure-search-documents.

I’m trying to create a program to access Azure AI Search in Python. Last year,
I used the beta version of azure-search-documents, but now I’m having trouble getting it to work properly with the official version.

def retrieve_relevant_documents(emb_deployment: str, search_client: SearchClient, search_query: str) -> str:
    response = client.embeddings.create(model=emb_deployment, input=search_query)
    query_vector = [
            kind="vector", vector=response.data[0].embedding, k_nearest_neighbors=3, fields="embedding"

    results = search_client.search(
    results_list = [r for r in results]
    contents = [r["filename"] + "-" + r["chunk"] + ": " +
                replace_newlines(r["content"]) for r in results_list]
    return "\n".join(contents)

When I print “query_vector” returned by “VectorizedQuery()”, it gives the following output.
Could anyone advise me on how to modify this?

[<azure.search.documents._generated.models._models_py3.VectorizedQuery object at 0x7f841f30d4b0>]