If you are afraid of AI. Watch "Moore's Law for Everything" by Sam Altman

If you are afraid of AI, read “Moore’s Law for Everything” by Sam Altman or watch this YouTube video which breaks down the PDF into simple-to-understand content.


I am only afraid in case, Ai will end up the blogging career.

There are two sides at play, while the potential positives outcomes that AI can create is massive, it relies heavily on human competence, cooperation and change at a massive political scale. Which unfortunately is highly un-common and difficult to achieve.

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Everyone is afraid, as most people believe that AI Will Take way their jobs.

It sounds nice, but it is a very one-sided way of looking at this evolution. Where are the resources to make all the wealth that these santa AI companies want to deliver? Our footprint already now is that we consume in about half a year what the earth can produce in a year. So will AI create prosperity for us all? That would be a catastrophe! No matter how you distribute the wealth created by AI, it will cause a world war for the resources. – “Oh, but it will produce better with less than we can.” Maybe, but certainly not enough for all of us; not on this planet (and don’t count on A.I. to produce a second planet in the coming 20 years). The only way out is to have fewer people. “Oh, is that why some seem so excited to prepare for war these days?”