Ideal way to compare two solutions?


My colleagues and I are trying to see if Codex can compare a generated solution with the gold solution. Is there an ideal way to go about generating the prompt?

We tried copying and pasting both generated and gold solutions to the prompt, and then adding a question of the form “What are the differences between solution A and solution B?”

We observe that Codex is able to identify that the gold solution is more optimal. Is there a way where we can get Codex to be more descriptive in comparing the two solutions?

Thanks so much in advance!

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I would add “Compare and contrast, describe the differences and characterize the differences in syntax, structure, and performance”

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I also recommend using regular gpt3 for this if you still want to use the api.

you may also want to use more traditional approaches of edit distance or code comparison algos.

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An addendum to this question . Would appreciate if anyone can answer it.