I'd like to help with something

How can i help to make Chatgpt to become better in the creole language? What can i do, i’m a young Haitian.


That’s a great idea!

I think you’d want to look into creating an API Assistant with Fine Tuning.

To work with the nuance of language you’re going to need more training than what is currently available in the CustomGPT section of the ChatGPT UI.

Fine Tuning will give you the ability to help the Model understand the nuances of your language on a large scale of responses. It’s a neat ability, and very much intended for this type of use.

If you are talking about holistic contributions, provide feedback in ChatGPT through the thumb buttons and opt-in to using your data for training if you are using the API. Maybe publishing more Creole content anywhere on the web would indirectly benefit ChatGPT as well since they might scrape it for training. :smile: