ID for Messages that are result from Chat-GPT

I using the API, and don’t found a way, how to retrieve the Message-ID for Text that is responsed after the User has type in a Question, and click the submit Buttom.
I don’t know, if ChatGPT save the Anser-Message’s into a database at the Server’s of ChatGPT makers. But, ChatGPT makers said, that the System of ChatGPT consist’s of a big Message Cluster/Frame/Database.
And as such, I have the Question:

  • after sending data to ChatGPT Server, can I access the response Message through a ID or somethong else ?
  • so, when the same Question comes, I can access the “right” Message (ID), and give the result/output back to the User.

Thanks for reading


ChatGPT is the chatbot product on the web at “ChatGPT” refers to nothing else.

In the API, you do receive an ID number that is unique to the response along with the reply from an AI model, but this is a value used only internally, that has no use to the API developer. Nothing can be recalled by having this ID number. In older days, ID perhaps could have been used for tracking policy violations by your customers.

When using the OpenAI API, you should begin your learning with chat completions. You submit an input to the AI, and receive the text written by the AI as the network response.

ChatGPT and API: They do not meet.