IBM’s Project CodeNet wants to teach AI how to code

IBM has announced Project CodeNet, a large dataset that aims to help teach AI how to understand and even write code. CodeNet features 500 million lines of code, 14 million examples, and spans 55 programming languages including Python, C++, Java, Go, COBOL, Pascal, and more. Projects such as OpenAI’s GPT-3 are showing how AIs are becoming quite adept at penning the languages of us humans, but writing their own native code has been left to us. CodeNet aims to change that. For at least the foreseeable future, projects like GPT-3 will be a tool for humans that can increase their productivity by providing a basic standard that will still require some editing to iron out errors and compensate for areas where humans still have an edge such as creativity, emotion, and compassion. [Source]

The future of AI-generated code?