I want to create code puzzle game using API

I want to set 2 dynamic fields Name and experience, using these 2 filled I want to generate buggy code with some description and fix that code using chatGPT, I’ll submit a new code and call API again to check the code.
At that time API had to respond to me below

  • Should be a response if the code submitted by the user is correct
    Answer: TRUE
    Message: Great job! Your submitted code is correct, you can collect your gift.

  • Should be a response if the code submitted by the user is incorrect
    Answer: FALSE
    Message: Better luck next time. The correct code is [display correct code].

have u heard a rick vs reward system if u give values to the true and false u can trick it to making it want to be true for to say (1 for true, -3 for false) i did something like this a couple years ago so u can find Meny like it in GitHub but i recommend asking ChatGPT because it needs the training and u can test it and have it write it for u really quick for a base line i also recommend u have a list of Json code for reference and the possible ways of fixing it because there’s a lot of stupid simple way u wouldn’t think would work but does for some reason

@michael.simpson555 I have Crete my own GPT in chatGPT, Is there any possible way that create API for that specific GPT?

yes depending of how up to date ur Api and knowledge base is for the ai than theoretically yes u can

Access to your external API follows the same patterns of authentication as prior ChatGPT plugins. You can look at those documents, and then the migration guide. You need an exclusive subdomain for all the resources you offer.