I really like this poem that GPT-3 wrote

Prompt text:

This is a poem about death, using sunsets as a motif. The poem is titled, “The Disappearing.”
The Disappearing

Completion text:

Once, we saw sunsets together.
All that red dying in the west.
We’d smile at each other, satisfied and tired.
Then one day you asked me to stop watching them with you.
You said they were too sad.
Now they’re a secret between me and the rest of the city,
Between me and all those other hearts that still beat.


  • Response length: 1227
  • Temp: 0.8
  • Top P: 1
  • Frequency penalty: 0.47
  • Presence penalty: 0.2
  • Best of: 1

This is really beautiful! I’m impressed with this.

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Of all the tasks that I have entrusted GPT-3 to do. Autocomplete poems and performing rhymes are among the most difficult. I had to adjust it several times until I got a beautiful result.

Great job @melanie.seibert ! :clap:


Wow, this is lovely, thanks for sharing. Which model did you use?

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Thanks! I used davinci.

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