I paid for the chatgpt plus its not working even though the payment went through still basic

deducted but not working from 28th march , 5 days no response from any support , that is really disappointing


You’re not the only one. Isn’t working for me either. 3.5 works, but we pay specifically to use 4. It’s like the company just want to pretend it’s not happening. Just hiding up in their offices. They still want our money of course, but no announcement about the issue to paying customers. Wow…

it was working fine but on renewal amount deducted and account downgraded , since then there is no channel i didnt try , No one responded its 6 days now . that is overwhelming specially if you think that in future more products and higher bills may be deducted.

still not fixed and the help center update is meaningless as the widget will give the same direction

I paid as well, and it is not working.