I need that the fine tune model answer over my training data, its posible? or ¿ Do I need use embeddings-based search?

I need to relate the email requests with the data in my database because they don’t have the same thing, the idea I have is to get the fine-tuning model to have the data from my database and that when I send an email the model managed to relate information and return the objects I need or values so that I can generate a correct order in the database.

I have almost everything ready but the part about using Openai is not clear, I don’t know if the trained model will remember the data used in the training or I have to use another method, I also expected to continue training the model with future errors to get the model to learn from a mistake by not relating information and that in future emails it will detect the problem and use previous relationships.

thanks for make an answer.

It really depends on the outcome. From your question, its not clear on what you want to achieve - can you give an example please?

For example, I have data from my database and I need the fine-tuning to answer questions about my own data, but the fine-tuning may not remember the data used in the training file, my idea is that Openai creates a relationship between an email and data in my database, emails are product orders and I want it to be a more automatic process.
So if I want to use fine-tuning how the training file is structured or I need to use embeddings.
The result will be a JSON using OpenAI’s function call.

Correct. For your use case, its better to use Embeddings. Fine tuning is better if you want to get the formatting, tone of voice etc accurate.